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World Challenge: Website relaunch

THE CLIENT: The UK’s number one expedition company, World Challenge takes students to remote locations across the world to test their limits and develop life skills.

THE JOB: Be Content worked with the client to streamline, restructure and rewrite source material. We injected back some of the excitement of going on an expedition that had been lost in the drive to tell users everything they needed to know. We channelled key brand messages, developed the style guide and supplied 37 pages of web copy, optimized, sub-edited, proofed and ready to start work.


Expeditions in Latin America
Discover a lost world on our educational expeditions to Latin America. Beyond its vibrant cities lie breathtaking landscapes. Take on a high-altitude trek in the Andes, travel through cloud forests or dive in pristine waters off idyllic beaches. Penetrate the Amazon Rainforest, teeming with exotic plants and wildlife and stay with remote tribes of the Yekwanan people in Venezuela. Visit hidden Mayan temples in the jungles of Mexico and help some of the poorest areas on community projects.

By really engaging with another culture and remote environment as a team, [Challengers] change they way they think about the world and their place in it. Students achieve more than they thought possible by stretching beyond their comfort zones.


“As professional copywriters and web content creators, Be Content intuitively understand the medium as well as customers’ needs and behaviours. Always good humoured, enthusiastic and collaborative, the quality of their work is first class.”
Jean Sims, Content Strategist, TUI Travel PLC