Compelling copy and engaging editorial

Copy that convertsBe Content is a team of writers with talent and years of experience across quality print and digital titles. Creative yet commercial, we write the words to nail the brief, from a one-off commission to a total communications overhaul. The company was founded in Brighton in February 2013 and since then has provided compelling copy and engaging editorial to a growing list of clients, primarily in the travel and lifestyle sectors. With a personal approach, we get to know the companies we work with to support their content strategy and business goals.

What we do


Our favourite job is writing colourful copy that sings in tune with your brand. From magnetic landing pages to punchy product descriptions and clever calls to action, we deliver essential info in appealing packages.

Customer journey

We’ll find the right words for each touchpoint in your customers’ journey. Putting ourselves in their shoes, we’ll take into account the questions, needs, feelings and motivations they have along the way.

Tone of voice

We work with clients to pin down their ideal tone of voice and editorial style, providing reference guides and staff training to make sure it stays that way.

In-house training

Interactive and informal workshops to help your team sharpen their writing skills and learn new techniques for good communication.

Features and blogging

Engaging articles entice your audience to linger awhile. We've got plenty to say about travel, lifestyle, health, education, food, beauty, and more besides.

Sub-editing and quality control

If you’ve got the copy but you're not sure it's up to scratch, send it on over and we’ll polish it up for sense, style, accuracy and SEO.

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