To sell something online, in an ocean of consumer choice, you have to tell a convincing story about what you’re offering. Here’s why it makes sense to hire an experienced journalist to help you do that:

1. We’ll get to the bottom of the proposition

In the process of coming up with product descriptions, we’ll be on your case, asking annoying questions that pre-empt what the reader may want to know before they click ‘buy’. If a description sounds woolly or glosses over something, we’ve got to unravel the knot of info and fashion it into a tidy, coherent and pretty package. We can’t help it – we’ve been trained that way

2. We’ll stay away from the hard sell

Savvy consumers zone out when confronted with too much hollow positivity and endless lists of benefits. Mother always said, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. We’ll stay away from hyperbole and present your offering with the quieter confidence that goes along with real quality. Like a perfectly pitched shop assistant, we’ll present the goods in their best possible light but avoid telling the buyer what to think. That’s their job.

3. We can bring creative flair to the party

The decorative flourish, the je ne sais quoi – this is the bit you can’t pin down. The best journalists are skilled at putting words together to summon the right mood, drawing on humour, nuance and in-the-know references to resonate with the reader. Success can be measured, but not really analysed. You’ll see it positively affecting bounce rates, time on page and click through, but what is it? Call it fairy dust if you like – we’ve got a self-replenishing supply.

4. We’ll translate your offering for a bigger market

In a specialist sector, you may not always notice when your materials become too technical, jargon-y or esoteric. As journalists, we’ll keep the channels of communication open to a wider audience, translating your offering / wisdom into everyday speak for human beings.

5. The copy will be correct

There’s nothing like a typo or grammar fail to burst the bubble of consumer trust. You were just about to close the deal and then ‘clang’ your target reads a ‘their’ instead of a ‘there’ and suddenly goes off the idea. Journalists are trained to scan and spot an error at twenty paces then zap it with their quality control apparatus.

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